• Roman Math XXI

    Dive into the world of visually beautiful Roman Math XXI matchstick game with 21century touch.

  • Animals Puzzle

    Explore the world of math in new, easy and funny way by playing the Animals game.

  • Grammy Awards

    Performers who won Grammy Awards for their best achievments.

365 Puzzles site offers a disruptive way to use different technologies that were available only on dedicated hardware solutions, but now they are applicable through HTML5 technologies in your web browser. On this site we are publishing our video games which are supported by computer-assisted interface that uses a web camera and a microphone within web browser as a tool for interaction and innovation in web gaming experience.

All our brain games can be played through your hardware capabilities whether you are playing from a smartphone, smart TV, tablet, laptop or desktop PC or you are using different operating system. Games with Matchsticks use drag & drop technology the same way on PCs like users on tablets or smartphones have through touchscreens. Voice Phrases games will listen, recognize and interact with you while you play and enjoy. Our intentions and expectations with this project are to reach not only individual players, but educational institutions as well. Therefore we hope and believe that this will contribute to a higher level of value to education, knowledge and skills of our players.

For professional and commercial use of implemented technologies and services, please visit our site www.smart4vision.com