All games are designed to run within a web browser. There is no need of installation of any kind regardless of operating system or device you use. To enable new approach in playing these games we use latest technologies at the time supported only in Google Chrome. We highly recomend using Google Chrome as web browser to gain full playing experience.

Voice activated games (Idioms, Phrases, Movies, Music and Books) are using speech recognition algorithms and will recognise the words and full sentences you say. If recognition is not accurate enough, we kindly advise you to speek closer to device microphone or to lower ambient or background noise.

As soon as you start the game all commands are voice activated, you don't need to use the keyboard or touch screen (except to pause the game) until game is over to leave or play it again. To be able to use voice activation and recognition functions you need to enable Chrome to use your device microphone, so when prompt select „Allow“. Red dot in Chrome „url“ line indicates the microphone is on and is listening what you say to recognise it. All said is not stored in any temp. or permanent memory, it's only used to process input information from the microphone to speech recognition algorhitms. If Chrome block microphone usage by default or someone else previously blocked this page from accessing the microphone you need to unblock it and allways allow it as default option (as shown on picture).


If despite of all above you are still unable to use your microphone, pls. check your microphone settings and check if SSL certificate is in use. If Chrome url line is showing pls. change it to and that should solve the problem.